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【2018影响城市之声】Showcase 4月12日 @乐空间


场地Venue:乐空间Yue Space


票价Ticket:预售Presale: 100RMB 现场Door: 120 RMB

亮点Highlight:我们把这个夜晚称作Emerging China,因为他们既已经成为了中国某些气质的代言人,又从不把自己的野心只局限在这片版图之内,越是在国外演,身上的中国气质就打磨得越发明显,像骨头。他们会是此次showcase中的烫手山芋,而有幸来看这场演出的你,将会见证他们表演状态的巅峰。FYI:L+R的本体是“新乐府”(China Music House)中擅长融合民乐与电子乐的王璐。

We call this night Emerging China because they have been the representative of some spirits in China but they never limit their ambition in this territory. They will be the hot bands in this showcase and you, the lucky people who are going to see this show will witness the peak of their performance. FYI : the reality of L+R is Wang Lu who is so good at mixing folk music with electronic music ,of China Music House



L+R是电子音乐制作人王璐的个人音乐计划,10多年流行音乐的制作经历,及作为音乐总监参与“新乐府|昆曲”音乐计划以来,王璐一直在尝试将科技性、实验性融入大量中国古典戏曲元素,用西方手段表达东方哲学思想,用电子音乐表达高山流水,以达到听觉的美好体验。 L+R is Wang Lu’s solo electronic music project. He has worked in the pop music industry as pro-ducer for over 10 years. He was also the music director of a project called “Xin Yue Fu”, which combines modern electronic music with traditional Kun and Peking Opera. Wang Lu started his own experimentation using electronic techniques present in oriental philosophy and ancient Chi-nese music. His style ranges from contemporary bass music and downtempo to chill out and deep house. 

古筝-于淼 生于音乐世家,6岁习古筝,具备深厚的古典音乐和古筝演奏功底。她的音乐用现代的方式向世界介绍中国古老的文化,通过独特的演奏方式和东西方beplay体育官网网页版的混搭,给予古筝音乐全新的诠释挖掘古筝音乐在与其他音乐类型碰撞中的更多可能性。 Gu Zheng - Yu Miao Yu Miao is L+R’s live partner and plays a traditional Chinese instrument called the guzheng along with Wang Lu’s electronic instruments. She grew up in a musical family and started learning the guzheng at the age of 6. She developed her skills as a musician at an early age. Her unique method of playing the guzheng has provided new possibilities for this ancient Chinese instrument to work with modern western instruments as well as introduce classical Chinese culture form a dif-ferent angle.

苏紫旭&The Paramecia乐队

The Paramecia在2013年成立于南京,乐队的音乐风格融合根源民谣、世界音乐和前卫艺术摇滚,乐手们打破常规形式,用奇幻的旋律结合饱含思想性的歌词给人带来全新的视听享受。苏紫旭在其中担任词曲创作、吉他手与主唱。 Su&The Paramecia, a music group which is founded in 2013. The band often classified as psychedelic rock, it is also influenced by classic rock, progressive rock and indie rock. Su is in charge of song writing, guitar and vocal parts.



Ajinai, formed in Beijing in 2009 and comprised of members culled from across China, is dedicated to bringing traditional Mongolian music into the 21st Century. The band’s roots are planted firmly in the Mongolian grasslands, but their youth and experience lends a unique and contemporary twist to the traditional music. The group’s music is fueled by the morin khuur, or horse-head fiddle, the most important Mongolian musical instrument and a symbol of its people, and khoomei, throat-singing that features the simultaneous sound of several pitches emanating from one voice. Like our Mongolian ancestors hundreds of years ago, the music of the Aijinai band welcomes all elements of outside cultures and through incorporating these foreign elements they have formed the root of Ajinai’s music. Ajinai intends to make their music more diverse, worldly and without boundaries.



Wu Tiao Ren is a band from Haifeng, its main members being Ren Ke, Mao Tao。In July 2009, they released the first album “ A Tale of Haifeng” that received several musical awards, including “the Best Folk Musician” by the Chinese Media Music Awards, “Honorary Music Award” by Southern Weekly, etc. In May 2012, the band released their 2-CD album “Some Scenery” that has been highly complimented on and appreciated by many music critics. In the following year, they received the “Best Band” and Best Folk Musician” awards presented by the 13th Chinese Media Music Awards. In 2015, Wu Tiao Ren released the album “Canton Girl” that has received several awards, among which was the 6th Taiwan Golden Music Awards. Their latest album “Dreamy Lisa Salon” met the public in Dec. 2016, and has been awarded “Folk Music Album of the Year” by Abilu Music Awards. The music of Wu Tiao Ren has always been inspired by real life conditions, current social events and folklore. They are given to diversified music styles since they are used to learning from various resources, such as local opera, Hong Kong and Taiwan pop music, folk music, western Rock ‘n’ Roll, street singers, and so on. And the band never stops thinking outside the box to explore more possibilities in their musical adventure.